prison-002 copy.jpg

"Okinawa  Prison"


You are casted in Prison…  

Here is the only place you can experience as  “PRISONER” in Okinawa. 

This is the entertainment guesthouse “Okinawa prison”. 

Please enjoy this special time with your friends or families.

We prepared 3types of prison you can enjoy!

prison-001 copy.jpg

3F "B&B for female's prisoner” 


 - you can spend fun time with your ‘prisoner’ friends


5F  “Authentic prison restaurant”

- you can enjoy tasty stake and pancake!


6F  “VIP prisoner’s condominium”

- you can stay in deluxe and gorgeous room like ‘Al Capone’ 


It is up to you which place to choose and have experience. 

Please  enjoy your “prisoner time” !!