Recruitment of staffs

Hiring Requirement Women up to about 30 years old.
Any Nationality Welcome.
(You need working visa such as working holiday visa)
Salary Full time work: 180,000 yen to 300,000 yen (160,000 yen for 2 month trial period)
Part-time job: 800 yen to 900 yen / hour (750 yen for 1 month trial period)
Job description Restaurant Hall Staff / Hotel reception service / Cleaning
Time Full-time work: between 8: 00-24: 00 working time 8 hours
Part-time job: about 4-8 hours (Negotiable)
Holidays Full-time work: weekly holiday 1-2 days (Negotiable)
Part-time job: 3-5 days (Negotiable)